May 59

My "wink" here means that you can always trust me to give your answers to your questions!!!

Welcome to New Wiki Name, Poke'Girl's Wiki!

Poke'Girls is a Wiki that has info about all female characters of Pokemon and anyone can edit it! even you!

What's This???Edit

This is the Wiki for Poke'Girls ONLY. Obviously, I'm a girl and I visited a lot of wikias about Pokemon already so I decided to create MY own! Let's go to the main point. This IS a Wikia so, it has your answers to your questions.Edit

Please help me spread the word of its creation. Help it gather up more info of it! It really REALLY needs your help!Edit

Who made this!?!Edit

Anyways, you may wonder,"who made this?" I am known as "harukamaylover", the #1 fan of May! I like Dawn as well! I edit this wiki under this one and ONLY name: harukamaylover!!! So if you see MY name, that means I editet!Edit

Latest activityEdit

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